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Ted Gatsas 

A lifetime of service to our community

Ted is a Manchester, NH native who grew up in the Queen City. He grew up on a farm and learned from an early age that success requires hard work. He is the product of public schools and attended Central High School where he played on the football team and learned crucial teamwork skills. Upon graduation, Ted attended the University of New Hampshire where he continued to play football and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. 

After graduation, Ted became a self made businessman when he and his brother started a staffing company from the ground up. The company was wildly successful and went on to become a major national payroll company. Ted has started several companies, all of which have proudly been based in New Hampshire. 

After his successful business ventures, Ted decided that is was time to give back to the community that had given him so much. He first ran for city Alderman from Manchester's Ward 2 and was known as a disciplined fiscal conservative who advocated for the taxpayers. 

Later on, Ted ran for State Senate covering many of the towns in Executive Council District 4. During his time in the senate he became Senate President and worked well with members from both sides of the aisle while always looking out for New Hampshire's families.  


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Ted resigned from his Senate office to become Mayor of Manchester. As Mayor, Ted vetoed budgets that infringed on the tax-cap, started new school programs, and worked on the forefront of the opioid epidemic. He was known as a tough negotiator and worked hard to make sure that the city was properly funded while advocating for forward looking policies that would ease the tax burden of homeowners.   

Ted currently continues to be a lifelong Manchester resident and lives with his wife, Cassandra, who is active in the co-president of the Manchester Animal Shelter.

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