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"Our community needs someone that is going to champion their needs, not those of the special interests groups. I will always put New Hampshire families and taxpayers first."
Fighting The Opioid Epidemic

Without a doubt, one of the biggest problems facing our state is the raging opioid crisis. This terror does not know a region, class, or status. If you have lived in New Hampshire for even a short period of time, it has most likely impacted your life in one way or another. 

As your Executive Councilor I will make sure the necessary funds are put towards battling this crisis on all fronts. This means proper funding for our law enforcement professionals, prosecutors, and recovery specialists, and helping those plagued with addiction.
This does not mean we should put endless funds into the issue, but rather we must balance helping those who need help, punishing drug dealers, and work towards prevention; all while making sure our dollars are spent wisely and that what we are doing is working

People Before Politics

During my time as Mayor of Manchester, I had a reputation for being a tough negotiator. I always did what I thought was in the best interest of the people and the taxpayers. Sometimes that meant upsetting members of my own party; and yes, voting against some of my supporters.

As Your Executive Councilor I will beholden solely to the people of New Hampshire first and foremost. From day one you will know that the only people I have in mind when I cast votes will be the voters. I do not care about outside groups, special interests coalitions, or third party organizations that want to use the Executive Council as a funding source for their pet projects. The time has come for those days to end. 


Executive Council District Four currently has over $125,000,000 slated for it in the 10 year highway plan. Our roads, bridges, and other transportation needs must be met, and we need to keep an eye on the future and how we can improve our system with our every-changing needs. Going forward, we need projects to be completed on budget and on time. 

As Your Executive Councilor I will fight to make sure that Executive Council District Four, which is the economic engine of the state, has the resources it needs to meet our demands for now and the future.

I will examine each contract to ensure that we have opened the bidding process to allow for as much competition as possible; this way, tax dollars can have their maximum impact on the state and not be wasted or spent recklessly. I will make sure that all transportation contracts have clear completion dates and clawback clauses for contractors that go over budget or past deadline. 


It is time we put the service portion back into “public servant”. Too often it seems that those working in and around government view the average citizen as a burden instead of a client, and it is time that this changed. There is a poor culture brewing in our government and our leadership matters. 

As Your Executive Councilor I will never put partisan politics ahead of the people of New Hampshire. I will cast my vote for the candidate that is the most qualified, puts the priorities of the people of New Hampshire first, and has a plan on day one to bring growth and opportunity to New Hampshire.  

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